Monday, June 15, 2015

Check out my review for Pluviophile by Aarohi Brar!

PluviophilePluviophile by Aarohi Brar
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Juliet and Derek have both suffered at the hands of love. Pluviophile recounts these tales of woe and, honestly, the book doesn't really feel like a love story at the beginning. But when life brings Juliet and Derek together again (and not for the first time), they begin to find solace in each other. But the past isn't ready to release them yet. Can the two of them shed the binds of their past and find a future together?

Pluviophile is a grandiose story of life and love, death and pain, dead ends and new beginnings. It's clear from her writing that Brar relishes in the written word. She had created wonderfully developed characters in Derek and Juliet, and effortlessly pulls you into their world of suffering and hope. The story was just the perfect length for its events, and wraps up all the plots twists and turns neatly.

Overall, a great read. :)

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