Lusiarthan Glossary

A spoiler-free glossary of people, places, and things in Sedich: The Annals of Lusiartha. Find out pronunciations, learn things about your favorite characters, and refresh your memory for the December 2014 release of book two!




Rilan Crendu (RYE-len CREN-doo)—16 years old from the isles of Setu (Enna), lives with his father Bram. Mother died during childbirth. Aunt Clissa died during the castigation. 

Caelamyn Orlo (KAY-la-men OR-low)—16 years old from the isle of Shain (Hyslo), lives with parents. Older sister Katrea married. Works in textile mill 

Aobren Barlyle (EH-oh-bren BAR-lyle)—16 years old from the isle of Mailyn, lives with father. Mother died during childbirth 

Thierto Essan (thee-AIR-toe ESS-en)—14 years old from Aleyra, son of Tomiah Essan, nephew of Noril Essan 

Myla Fraylen (MY-la FRAY-len)—17 years old from the isle of Cailath. Serves with father in military. Also has mother and three younger brothers



Tomiah Essan (toe-MY-uh ESS-en)—father of Thierto, brother to Noril, captain of the Ashling 

Noril Essan (nor-ILL ESS-en)—leader of Aleyra, uncle to Thierto, brother to Tomiah

Brelano (bray-LAN-oh)—weapons master, captain of the Cahlo 

Merenick (MARE-uh-nik)—officer in charge of Regiment espionage.



Sovereign Promic Izhara (PROM-ick is-ARE-uh)—Sovereign of the Regiment, ruler of all of Lusiartha. Takes control upon his father’s death. Sees war with Rilan as personal.

Colonel Crasine (CRAY-sin)—takes over Dren per Regiment orders, institutes harsher punishment systems



Bram Crendu (BRAM CREN-doo)—Rilan’s father. Lost his leg in the Cailath invasion.

Briath Crendu (BREE-ath CREN-doo)—20 years old from the isles of Setu (Enna), older sister to Jamek, betrothed to Rilan

Jamek Crendu (JAY-mik CREN-doo)—13 year old from the isles of Setu (Enna), younger brother to Briath, best friend to Rilan

Shmoi (SHMOY)—father of Ori(6), Palen(5), and Marcol (3); husband to Talia; best ale maker in Enna 

Catrine (KA-treen)—Jamek and Briath’s mother; insists on Rilan’s early marriage to Briath

Jeshua (JESH-you-uh)—15 year old native of Tayben

Olin (OH-lin)—17 year old native of Cori

Laria (LAIR-ee-uh)—15 year old native of Merna 

Hobrin (HOE-brin)—16 year old native of Merna, brother of Nailo

Nailo (NIGH-low)—14 year old native of Merna, brother of Hobrin



Captain Aloram (uh-LORE-um)—captain of the Miloki, transports Rilan and the others to Dren, native of Mailyn 

Professor Lybren (LIE-bren)—mathematics instructor at Dren, escorts Rilan and the other from the Miloki to Dren’s campus

Preceptor Eilodyn
(EYE-low-den)—preceptor (or headmaster) of Dren until replaced by Colonel Crasine




Setu (SAY-two)—southeastern island group consisting of the Setu mainland, Merna, Cori, Tayben, and Enna. Used as agricultural and livestock center for Lusiartha. Last to be conquered by the Regiment. Natives are easily identified by dark skin, hair, and eyes

(MY-len)—central island of Lusiartha, often considered the sister island to Cailath. Education and commerce hub of Lusiartha. Natives have pale skin, but can have varying shades of eyes and hair 

Shain (SHANE)—westernmost island of Lusiartha, serving as textile and industry center. Natives known for pale skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes. Notoriously strong-willed people and difficult-to-navigate coastline.

Cailath (KAI-lath)—northwestern island, home of the Regiment and the Sovereign. Natives have pale skin, but can have varying eye and hair colors. Military-based society

Aleyra (uh-LAY-ruh)—underground (or under-ocean) home of the Siarthens accessible only by a small sand dune southeast of Shain. Was once above water.

Enna (IN-uh)—home of the village Crendu, and the smallest island of all Lusiartha. Part of the Setu island grouping


Dren (DREN)—school in the southeastern corner of Mailyn 

Esdra (EZ-dra)—capital of the Regiment and of Cailath, seat of the Sovereign


Kolcha (COAL-cha)—Siarthen word for ‘savior children’chosen by the sedich to harness the power of the Creator in order to save Lusiartha; PLURAL: Kolchae (COAL-chay)

Sedich (suh-DEECH)—a stone imbued by the ancient Siarthens with the powers of the Creator. Imparts its powers to the kolchae, but is only a vessel

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